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e-Commerce application for selling Art over the internet

Web Rewards Program

Internet Chat Application

This application provides an opportunity for vendors to popularize their products by providing incentives for purchase of an item or visit of a web site.  Encryption is provided for security.  An Oracle Web Server and the Netscape Enterprise Server handle the transactions.
It facilitates "private" chatting over the Internet.  The chat server was implemented in Java and the chat client runs as an applet.
The business logic was implemented in middle layer using COM components and a Site Server.  User Interface was developed using Active Server Pages.  An Image Changer applet (developed using Java 2 SDK) displays various images.

Single sign-on, access control solution


With this application, users are only required to authenticate once.  If users travel to another protected server on the company's domain, they are not required to login and authenticate again.  An ISAPI filter is used to logon an authenticated user onto Windows NT.  A COM component was developed to synchronize NT PDC SAM database with CTSC database.  Coding was done in Visual C++.

Web-based financial planning tool

It facilitates transactions between wholesale buyers and sellers of artisan-made goods from around the globe.  A Linux server with Apache WebServer and Oracle 8 database forms the platform.  User interface is HTML and scripts based on CGI / Perl or JavaScript handle the logic
This tool is able to "converse" with users on their specific financial and educational background and retirement plan benefits. Technologies used are ISAPI DLL (server extension DLL), C++, ActiveX, Java Applet, HTML, Java Script and VB Script.

Despatch automation application

Proposal Generation System

This application facilitates creating multiple proposals, evaluating them for the best proposal and creating financial statistics.  Technologies used in the application are C++ classes, DLLs, MFC, Word Object for generating documents (OLE automation), ODBC and SQL Server.
It maintains details of Customers, Agents, Drivers, Salesmen, Carriers and Consignees.  It supports the generation of AirBill, Manifests, updating of Airbills, maintaining Agents / Carriers / Drivers Invoices, Salesmen commissions, and Invoice generation (batch process).  It is linked to Platinum Accounting Software and uses Pipeline class user object to transfer data from application's database (SQL Anywhere) to Platinum Accounting Software (Btrieve).  Used services of PowerBuilder Foundation Class Libraries.